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Nutrition is one of the most basic needs for all living things. Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) have been one of the most discussed topics in nutrition in recent years. GMOs are new organisms that are created by transferring genes from one living thing, such as a plant, bacteria, or virus, to the genetic structure of another organism through gene splicing.

GMOs are used to ensure agricultural products are produced more efficiently, to obtain more products due to limited production areas, and to protect crops from diseases and damages in agricultural production, thereby increasing productivity.


While GMOs are used to protect food from harmful external factors such as insects, they can also have serious effects on human health. Some of these effects are listed below:

  • They can be lethal for people with already compromised immune systems
  • They can disrupt the human hormonal system.
  • They can reduce the effectiveness of antibiotics.
  • They are known to cause cancers in humans and animals.


Muscle Cheff’s high-protein, non-GMO chips are trans-fat-free and baked, not fried, offering a healthy and delicious option for those who enjoy chips.

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