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These homemade healthy snickers bars are not only high protein, vegan and refined sugar-free, but they are also just as delicious and made using Muscle Cheff’s healthy and tasty protein spreads and choco squares! 

The ingredients: 

  • 4 soaked medjools 
  • A tablespoon of your favorite Muscle Cheff Protein Spread (Muscle Cheff Hazelnut Cocoa Spread was used in our recipe)
  • Peanuts 
  • A cup of oats 
  • 2 of your favorite Muscle Cheff Choco Squares (Dark and Milk Choco Squares were used in our recipe) 

Blend water-soaked medjools, a tablespoon of Muscle Cheff Protein Spread, 3-4 pinches of peanuts, and 2 tablespoons of medjool water. Add a cup of oats and mix them well. Use a rectangle shaped cake tin and sprinkle peanuts and apply melted Muscle Cheff Choco Squares. Freeze for about 2 hours and enjoy! 

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