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High-protein diets, preferred by those interested in sports and people who are losing weight, have become popular due to their intense protein and low carbohydrate content in recent years. In general, a protein-rich diet is a nutrition based on consuming foods high in protein and low in fat, such as red meat, chicken, fish, milk, yoghurt, and eggs, and does not contain any carbohydrates or sugar. 

High-protein diets benefit from the high thermogenic (energy spent on digesting food) effect of proteins. While the thermogenic effect of carbohydrates and fats is 7%, it is 30% of proteins. In addition, it is a highly preferred nutrition program because it helps to lose weight as proteins take longer to digest and keep those who follow the diet full for a longer time. 

What are the Benefits and Risks? 

The most well-known of the protein diets, the ketogenic diet, or keto diet, is the general name for low-carb diets. While ketogenic nutrition has many benefits in terms of health and performance, it can sometimes have side effects at the beginning stage. First, let us list the benefits of protein-heavy diets: 

  • Creates a feeling of satiety, 
  • Accelerates metabolism, 
  • Helps promote weight loss and helps to regulate body composition, 
  • Increases muscle mass and supports new muscle development, 
  • Strengthens the bones. 

One serving (33g) of Muscle Cheff White Chocolate Peanut Spread, contains 9 grams of protein and meets 18% of the daily protein requirement. This high-protein spread could be an indispensable part of your protein-heavy diet, thanks to its wonderful consistency and taste, as well as its delicious blend of pure peanuts and white chocolate. 

In addition to its benefits, protein diets can have harmful effects on the human body when applied incorrectly. The possible harms of protein diets are as follows: 

  • Cholesterol elevation, 
  • kidney ailments, 
  • fatty liver. 

To avoid such problems, such nutrition programs should be prepared by authorized and expert dietitians, considering the entire health status of the person. 

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