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Would you like a method to help you lose weight without restrictions or counting calories? Who wouldn’t? Introducing Intermittent Fasting; it will help you improve your health, burn fat, boost your energy and much more, so let’s dive in! 

Basically, intermittent fasting means limiting your daily food intake to a certain timeframe, the most popular one being 16:8 method. So, you eat for 8 hours and don’t eat for the next 16 hours; water, tea and coffee without sugar allowed. Pretty easy, right? Then, as you feel more comfortable with it, you can go up to 18:6 and even 20:4. This way, in your fasting hours, your body will start to use its fat sources and you will be constantly losing weight. You can even workout while fasting; unlike common belief, you will be much more energetic than usual.  

To maximize this method’s health benefits, obviously, one must take care to go with a balanced diet that contains protein sources, vegetables, healthy fats, and whole grains. Keeping yourself hydrated is also very important, as calorie-free beverages will also help you keep your appetite under control. 

Extends your life span 

Intermittent fasting keeps your blood sugar and insulin levels under control and lowers your risk of getting diabetes. Most importantly, since fasting will fasten your metabolism, improve your daily routine and help you gain healthy habits, it will also extend your longevity.  

Possible Drawbacks 

If you don’t support your fasting routine with a satisfactory diet, you might end up eating more than usual and gain weight. This may lead to unhealthy eating habits and digestion problems. In the short term, you might experience hunger and tiredness, but they will fade away as you grow accustomed to it. However, undereating may cause hormonal disorders and menstrual problems, so you need to make a strong intermittent fasting meal plan and make sure you don’t deprive your body of the nutrition it needs. 


Let’s face it, intermittent fasting is not a magical wand that will give you the so-called perfect body. But it sure is a great way to put your diet and workout routine in a healthy order, bring you better habits alongside lots of energy and get more pleasure out of life. Still, you need to increase your awareness about your intermittent fasting schedule and take good care of your body. And while fasting, always remember to keep yourself hydrated. If you ever get bored of plain water, you can try our L-Carnitine Instant Coffee

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