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Now is the perfect moment to have a treat with our latest recipe, Rice Cakes with Peanut Spread! You can savor it as a quick and easy high protein energy boost before exercising or as a delightful snack during your midday break. It also goes excellently with a cup of Muscle Cheff L-Carnitine Coffee! Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 4 rice cakes
  • Muscle Cheff Peanut & Collagen Protein Spread
  • A banana
  • Ground coconut

To start, slice a banana and place the rice cakes on a plate. You can also use whole wheat cakes if you prefer. Spread Muscle Cheff Peanut & Collagen Protein Spread evenly on each rice cake and top them with banana slices. Feel free to customize by using your favorite fruits like strawberries or apples. Finish by sprinkling ground coconut over the banana slices and enjoy! With bananas rich in potassium, essential nutrients like manganese and copper from coconut, protein, collagen, and healthy fats from Muscle Cheff Peanut & Collagen Protein Spread, along with fiber from rice cakes, you’ll have a balanced and flavorful snack that fulfills your nutrient requirements. Enjoy!

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